Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

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Trademark and copyrights

Unfortunately have I been forced to protect the program because of companies and others wanting to make money on the Gulahund™ Yellowdog program.

I did choose to offer this program FOR FREE to all sensitive dogs in the world!

YOU are though welcome to promote the cause of this program to the public in every way that is volunteered and non-profit, and this way support sensitive dogs’ Wellbeing and the opportunity to be given a better Quality of lives.

Trade Marks

  • The Gulahund™ Yellowdog program has All the exclusive Rights Reserved by its originator and founder.


Creative commons for public use of pictures and pdf files

Creative Commons License

Please respect, for the sake of all sensitive dogs!




Violators will be prosecuted and officially listed on this page.

The Official List of breaches of Gulahund™ Yellow Dog’s IPRs

Full information with name/company name etc, address, country, corporate identity.



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