Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

Gilla svenska Gulahund

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We care about all sensitive dogs and stands for giving
dogs kind, force free and positive way of handling in
both everyday life and training.

Sweden – originator and founder
International Website » |
Facebook group »Svenska Gulahund
Facebook page »Gulahund
International Facebook paage »Yellowdog – Some dogs need space


You will reach your Ambassador through their page.  


flag-brazil Brasil – Brazil
Facebook page »Yellow dog Brasil
flag-denmark Danmark – Denmark
Facebook page »Den gule hund – Danmark
flag-germany Deutschland – Germany
Facebook page »Gelber Hund braucht Abstand
Website »
flag-croatia Hrvatska – Croatia  
Facebook page »Projekt Žuti pas – Hrvatska                
flag-irland Ireland
Facebook page »Yellow dog Ireland
flag-iceland Island – Iceland
Facebook page »Guli Hundurinn A Islandi
Facebook group »Guli hundurinn á Íslandi
flag-italy Italia – Italy
Facebook page »Yellowdog – Alcuni cani hanno bisogno di spazio
czech republic Nederland – Netherlands
Facebook page »Gele Hund
Website »Gele hund
flag-new-zealand New Zealand
Facebook page »
flag-norway Norge – Norway
Facebook page »Den gule hund – Norge
flag-portugal Portugal
Facebook page »Yellowdog Portugal
flag-switzerland Schweiz – Switzerland
Facebook Page »Gääle Hund brucht Freiruum – Schweiz Suisse Svizzera Svizra
Google+ »Gääle Dog – Gääle Hund
Website »Gääle Hund
flag-slovakia Slovensko – Slovakia
Facebook page »Žltý pes – pes, ktorý potrebuje priestor
flag-south-africa South Africa  
Facebook page »Yellow Dog South Africa
flag-UK United Kingdom
Facebook page »Yellow Dog UK
Website »Yellow Dog UK
 flag-austria Österreich – Austria
Facebook page » Gelber Hund – Austria


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