Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

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The yellow ribbbon and bandana, is to give dog owners the ability to signal when their dog needs space, allowing them to give their dogs a better chance of overcoming problems, and therefore a better standard of life. We care about sensitive dogs and stands for giving all dogs a kind and positive way of handling in both everyday life and training.

We stands for ethical, kind and positive ways in handling dogs, both in their everyday lives and other kinds of training.

We need your help

The program is run volontary and non profit in all countries, and we need your help to inform the purpose of the program to the public. It is offically called: The Gulahund Yellowdog Program, since it’s internationally more known as Yellowdog for most people. The correct formal name is though Gulahund™ Program, but both is used.

On this Website you’ll find information in several languges, the History about how it all started in June 27 2012 in Sweden. You will find Your country’s ambassador here, Ambassador. If your country doesn’t yet have an Ambassador you may contact the headquater in Sweden.


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