Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

Never leave animals in a hot vehicle

Gilla svenska Gulahund

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”Yellow dogs” needs your help!

To make the program work were you live, you have to inform everyone in your own communtiy. Talk to everone and  share this page on your social networks. Print and share Flyers and Posters from this Website and put up at your work, schools, stores, veterinarians, dog parks, clubs, associations etc. Ask your friends and family to do the same. Everyone has to know since the program is regarding both people and animals.


I did choose to offer this program FOR FREE to all sensitive dogs in the world!

YOU are welcome to promote the cause of this program to the public in every way that is volunteered and non-profit, and this way support sensitive dogs’ Wellbeing and the opportunity to be given a better Quality of lives.

If you want to promote the program on your website, blog etc, you will link to this website,


Thank you for supporting sensitive dogs!

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The Emblems are in high resolutions. on transparent backgrounds, so that you can put them anywere on your social sites. Download: Click right on the pictures and Save from the new page. 

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English German
Slovak  Croatian

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